Wyrii Brewer


6’3", very skinny, long white hair, ice blue eyes.

They have a singular scar across their left eye. They are blind in this eye.

Dresses more humanly feminine, much unlike many Wyrii.

Wears a simple Morr symbol around their neck.


K’ora fled the Wyrii lands when they were around 47. From then on, they spent time traveling around the world, never really finding another place to fit in. When they were 74, they arrived in Isfaha, and caught the eye of Delialah. From there, the two left and found their way to Bolscof.

The reason K’ora fled the Wyrii is unknown. It is assumed that it is due to something dark, due to the looks G’rec gives them.

When asked about Morr, they shrug if off, not saying anything.

They are honestly happy, and are often caught gazing at Delialah over the bar.

Many travelers come to town wishing to explore the statues. K’ora leads these expeditions, much to their wife’s dismay.


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