Azmarin is the second largest city in Al’Terio. It is called the “second capital” due to the large military presence, and the amount of sway the city has is staggering.

Azmarin was built in 857, founded by a group of scholars starting to investigate the Elven statues. These scholars then reported a large group of Orcs on the other side of the cliffs, and reported back to Isfaha for forces. Forces arrived, and fought back the Orcs. This then led to a military post being set. When these battles continued on and on, a city slowly formed around the post, leading to the thriving metropolis that Azmarin is.
The study of the Wyrii and Miiarh statues attracted many scholars to the location, and because of this created the second chapter of the Isfaha University that is solely dedicated to the study.
Azmarin is a city that has been drenched with blood. The Orcs, when attacking, go right towards the city, and have caused much mayhem inside the city. There is also a large group of nobles that fight in the streets, all vying for political power in Azmarin’s Council. Often, this leads to fighting in the streets. Thugs and ruffians litter the poor districts, due to the superiority complex found in many of the guards. Thus earns the city’s nickname of The City of Blood.

The outside of Azmarin has a large, double enforced wall. There is a smaller wall in front of a larger one, both with defense and soldier patrols. This wall extends all the way around the city, with the keep built into the side of the statue. Farms are located outside of the walls, and there are lookout posts at every farm.
When first entering the gates, there is a security check, with at least twenty guards posted. This involves checking any carts for stowaways and making a log of all people in the city.
The trade district is straight forward, and is right next to the poor district. The poor district is the largest and most populated part of the city.
The second largest part is the Grounds. These are the training grounds and the barracks, where all of the soldiers and guards train and live.
The noble district is all around the Keep, and inside is the University.
The Keep itself is directly above the statue of the Wyrii Delegate. This is where both General Benholdt and Governor MacRowe meet and the home of the Council.
There is a tunnel to the statue in the Grounds, that leads through the head of the statute. From there, ladders lead down into and through the arm, where the tunnel opens up onto the arm bridge. There are many guard posts and patrols stationed on the arm.



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