“The Clever and Scheming.” Liaann always plays a game five steps ahead the other gods. They know what everyone is going to do, with enough time to twist it in their favor. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

Liaann’s symbol is a mask with distorted, unsettling features. Themselves, none know anything about their shape other than a mass of black smog and masks. This symbolizes how they are always watching, always scheming. Whether Liaann actually appears in the world as portrayed, is unknown.
Few sightings have been reported, but only by the mad.

Liaann’s worship is forbidden in “civilized” cities, such as The City of the Four Towers and Isfaha. This, of course, does not stop the devote from worshiping, and Liaann always listens. Their worshipers usually are thieves, scoundrels, or those trying to unjustly get ahead. While they themselves are not evil, the ones who find them the most appealing usually are.

The Sacred Tome of Liaann
Ryder the Rogue, a notorious bandit from the reign of King Aldin Borvar I, was found crazed and locked in a self-made cage. He spoke jibberish, screaming at any who came near. The town guards released him to escort him to Vyril Prison, but he lunged forward, causing the guards to kill him immediately. On his body, along with many many mask totems, was a tome, written in the forgotten language on the Deadlands, Tzrokii.
This tome was immediately taken to the University of Tennellen, and research began on it immediately. Two centuries later, and the text still has not been fully translated, with only some sentences and words understood. The continued study of the tome was quickly banned after the discovery that it was allegedly written by Liaann, but it has continued do to the dedication of the Gnomish scholars.
Commoners who worship Liaann have been scrambling to get copies of the translated text. It has been circling around parts of the Sinkhole, but few are convinced that this is the real translation.

Relation With Other Gods
The translated text of the Tome has revealed some of Liaann’s thoughts about the other gods, both confirming their existence, and providing a more rounded view of them.

  • Xatoos: “Temper gets you nowhere. Why create with no plan?”
  • Sardonya: “She knows more than she shows.”
  • Kihp: “Clever boy. Knows what he wants.”
  • Marr: “My friend, one day I will ride again with you.”
  • Morr: “Your steps echo the thunder in the night sky. Too loud.”


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