“The Beautiful and Kind” is the moniker that the goddess Sardonya was gifted with.

Sardonya convinced Xatoos to keep Ornara as a planet, seeing the potential that he had created. As she watched him send minions to test and “bend” the world, she created her own island, a sanctuary, where her people could thrive and not reap the havoc that her beloved put upon everyone else. Thus, Zherrah, was created. A brilliant, sapphire island, settled safely in the middle of the ocean.

The goddess’s appearance is much like that of a Zherrahn, dark brown skin, thick black hair, and brilliant deep blue eyes. She wears pure white robes, always covering her face. Many Zherrahn’s claim to see her, on the bow of ships coming into Zherrah, or out in the deserts of the Deadlands. There is no proof of these sightings being truthful.

Sardonya is the goddess of love, life, and creation. While Xatoos is credited as the creator of the world, Sardonya exhibits the compassion and love the people want of a creation god. She is widely worshiped, by humans, gnomes, elves, and the I’eartra.

The Sages
When Xatoos forsook the world, Sardonya insisted that the gods have some impact on the world still, to reach the people. She was reluctant about abandoning her people, but when Liaann suggested the creation of the sages, Sardonya jumped on the idea. The sages taking after herself are Skulos and Witope, who hear specifically her divine call, and not that of Xatoos.

Marriage and Child
Xatoos and Sardonya are wed, though their relationship is not seen as loving from the view of the people. Many see that Sardonya is in the constant struggle to tame Xatoos, and make him see the madness that he’s caused.
Together, the two have a daughter, Ora, named after the world itself. She is the one who roams the Deadlands, hunting and slaying the beasts she comes across. Ora is renowned for her beauty, but has a temper that could shatter the resolve of a great dragon.

Involvement With Hrogar
From above, Sardonya watched as the warlock Zeal worked to take over the world. She observed an opportunity, a young maiden in Quinlund who’s beauty rivaled Ora’s. Sardonya called Ora to that town, and upon Ora seeing the maiden, she was outraged and chastised her in the streets, saying that she must be hung.
When this happened, Sardonya called to her Sages, and they called the maiden forward and used her body to create Starshatterer, Ender of Zeal. This sword, wielded by the great hero Hrogar, was used to vanquish Zeal, Hrogar, and Starshatterer.

Relation To Other Gods

  • Liaann: Sardonya is forever thankful for Liaann aiding her in keeping contact with the people of Ornara.
  • Kihp: Brother to Sardonya, she accepts that Kihp does not want the people to worship him, and that the presence that he does make is still as valuable.
  • Heilja: Sardonya was once said to walk alongside Heilja, before the Death of the Deadlands.
  • Eiia: Many believe Eiia and Sardonya the same, neither are sighted near the same place at the same time.
  • Ciari: Are pitted as rivals due to the difference in their marriages.


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