The Dreamers

Dreamers were a group of people that appeared out of nowhere. Scouts from Ygrek found the hilled lands to the south empty, and reported back to get a colonizing force, but when they returned, several flourishing villages full of a kind of human they had never seen were bustling like they had been there forever.

Dreamer myth tells of how Eiia, “The Birther of Wolves,” was fleeing from the Battle of Belros Mountains, critically injured. She stumbled upon a poor family of farmers, in the guise of a wolf. They nursed her back to health. While she was being treated, she heard Yria, the Mother, speak of her fears of the Battle, and how it would spread down to their farm. Norm, the Father, spoke of having belief that the gods would not fight like this to destroy them, but to save them. Dream, the Daughter, started to cry, her tears falling into the open wound of Eiia. The tears settled directly into her heart, and she revealed herself to be Eiia, blessing this family for their care of her, and told them that the gods were not there to harm them, not to save them, but to let them know. She then ran off into the night. Dream, however, was left with incredible knowledge and foresight.
4c7733bfa38c3c1242cf5fa8b02ec922.jpgDream saw a future with a race of people with this ability standing up to foes, standing up to the Deadlands, pushing them back all the way to the Nest, and restoring peace. The power was randomly given to newly born children across Ornara, and once they could, they sought out the small farm, which is now a place of pillgramage in the center of the city Eiiathan.

Dreamers can be born of any race. They are “chosen” by the gods themselves. They do, however, have a strong human establishment. These humans are said to be those that originally lived in the Deadlands before pushed out by the invading monsters. They have tanned skin and hair usually in browns and blacks. Average male height is 5’6", female is 5’10". The women of this race, since the Blessed Power was given from a woman to a woman, are taller than the men, and not very curvy. Dreamers are built thin, but sturdy.

It is easier for Dreamers to learn magic. Their connection to the gods allows them to channel the walls of reality easier than most. Many take on the role of spellcasters, but it is not uncommon to see them be fighters and thieves.
Dreamers have several medical issues. Firstly, the average life expectancy is around 40, due to the growing intensity of the nightmares and visions over time. Second, many experience narcolepsy, falling in and out of visions at completely random times. Dreamer bones, while much stronger than the average bone, if broken, cannot be mended. This, according to Gnomish Scholar, Winniopolus III, is because of the fact that magical energy, instead of being stored in the blood like most races, it is stored in the bone marrow. The release of the Bone Magic turns the broken body unusable, leading many Dreamers to simply cut them off.
Communication between Dreamers can be done through held eye contact. They can speak to another through their minds. If contact is broken before the communication ends, it is excruciatingly painful to all members.
These traits exist in Dreamers, both human and non.

The Blessed Power
The Blessed Power comes to Dreamers in many different ways. First is their ability to speak to each other through their minds. Then their enhanced magical properties. But most of it comes from the dreams. Dreamers, from the day they are born, when asleep, experience very vivid dreams. These dreams tell stories of the gods, tell stories of what is happening around the world, tell the Dreamer to go to Eiiathan. These are “picked out by the gods to best suit the Dreamer,” meaning that not all Dreamers get the same dreams. Many Dreamers don’t like speaking about their dreams, or hide the fact if these are dreams that they actually have.

The Cursed Power
The longer and longer a Dreamer lives, the more violent and terrifying the dreams get. They turn into visions of I-Kah rising and destroying the world, of Xatoos returning and turning the ground to lava, of the Deadlands extending to the entire world. This, many say, is to try to get the Dreamer to act, to cleanse the Deadlands like the first prophesy said. Getting to the stage of nightmares also curses the Dreamer with painful headaches after awakening after one. Further in, these dreams seep into their every day thoughts, meaning that old Dreamers have a high percentage of falling into insanity. Eventually, they have The Final Dream. It is unknown what The Final Nightmare is, but the Dreamer convulses in their sleep, screaming, clawing at their face, until they stiffen and die. Many old Dreamers commit suicide before the nightmares kill them.

The Dreamers

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