Xatoos, the “World Breaker and Bender,” is the leader of the gods and the creator of Ornara. Despite his title at the “Breaker and Bender,” many recognize him as a creator, who has only turned his back upon the world because of what his creation has become. There are also many disputes as to why he has become ruthless and unforgiving.

Xatoos, without fail, is depicted as a very large, pure black griffin with blood red eyes. The fact that a shadowy figure rides upon the griffin is all but forgotten, save by those lurking in the underside of The City of the Four Towers.

Being the lead god of the pantheon, Xatoos is heavily worshiped by humans and orcs. He is a god of war and conquest. He is the main god of the people of Ygrek, and in The City of the Four Towers, a large temple stands in his honor, decorated with both griffins and sharks.

Relation To The Animal Sages
The Nine Great Animal Sages were created under an alliance between Xatoos, Liaann, and Sardonya, however, they mostly listen to his Holy rule than that of the others. His specific sages are: Borvar and Tirgone, the shark and the tiger.

Relation To Fellow Gods
Xatoos is described as the father god, and that all of the gods spawn from him and his own creation. Mostly, Sardonya, Liaann, and Kihp, since they are viewed as the “human” gods.

  • Sardonya fights with him, they disagree with how the planet should be treated.
  • Liaann is an annoyance, always trying to get whatever they want.
  • Kihp is all but ignored by Xatoos.


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