Apprentice Blacksmith


6’0", lean, long brown hair, usually in a braid, forest green eyes.

17 years old, Dreamer.

Walks like a soldier, shoulders rolled back.

Looks very serious.


Jori grew up in Bolscof, ready to become a soldier for the town, and then move to Azmarin and join the army. Instead, she has become the apprentice blacksmith to Trev. She has not reveled why.

The fact that Jori is a Dreamer is well-known. Recently, during a bandit attack, she received what would be a crippling injury, but when she was examined by Portia, her bone was fine. Jori appeared to have known this before.

Jori has proven very generous to travelers, guiding them around the village and offering to examine their armor and weapons for damage.

Dealing with issues of the town, however, she is very stubborn to make changes to the way the town works. She gets frustrated very easily.


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