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  • Captain Winthrop

    Has been the captain of watch for 35 years in Bolscof. Originally hailed from Azmarin. p. Has an "easy job" according to many in the city. p. Doesn't talk about the Azmarin Onslaught of 1293.

  • Trev

    Trev recently moved to Bolscof from Norya, a small village slightly to the north west of Azmarin. There, as he boasts, he was the star player on their competitive quarterstaff team. p. He has been trying to get a quarterstaff team here, but Jori is the …

  • G'rec

    G'rec has been here for many years, longer than the others in the village. Many say that one day they just climbed up from the statue, walked through the village, and built their own hovel. Children whisper that they might be who the statue was carved …

  • Delialah

    Moved into town in 1316 with K'ora. The two met in Isfaha, but their marriage wasn't too accepted with King Alrick's stance with the Wyrri. The town took a loving to these two immediately. p. Can drink anyone in town, except Carver, under the table. …

  • Portia

    Portia studied under her father, a renown source of godly study, but in 1324 he was sent to Tennellen University to work on a project he would not divulge. Since then, she has been in charge of all church services. p. Portia is very timid and soft …

  • Richland

    Was born and raised in town. His mother was Mayor Richland before him, and her father before that. However, they are still voted into their position. p. Tired old man, that mostly wants to be left alone, and to avoid war. p. Not prejudiced in any …

  • Jori

    Jori grew up in Bolscof, ready to become a soldier for the town, and then move to Azmarin and join the army. Instead, she has become the apprentice blacksmith to Trev. She has not reveled why. p. The fact that Jori is a Dreamer is well-known. Recently, …

  • K'ora

    K'ora fled the Wyrii lands when they were around 47. From then on, they spent time traveling around the world, never really finding another place to fit in. When they were 74, they arrived in Isfaha, and caught the eye of Delialah. From there, the two …

  • Carver

    Little is known about Carver. One day, he just showed up at the village, holding a simple white flag. After a private conversation with Mayor Richland, Carver moved into a small house and opened a private, commission based carpenters shop. p. Delialah …

  • Jimi

    Will tell his entire life story, even the boring parts, if asked. p. Has lived in Bolscof for 15 years now. No one knows why he stayed. p. Has tried to con travelers in the past, leading Delialah to try to poison his drink. They laugh about this …

  • Yuri

    Very simple. p. Lives with Helga and Gorn, his wife and son. p. Only really talks to G'rec and the gatherers. p. Very thick Northern accent.

  • Coa

    Coa grew up in Bolscof, but left at 16 to train as a merchant in Azmarin. He returned 10 years ago, figuring that Bolscof needed an official, permanent trader. p. Very happy-go-lucky, his spirit has never dimmed. p. Talks a bit much for his own good.

  • Roy

    Once was a soldier in the City of the Four Towers. For some reason, retired to Bolscof. p. Only really speaks in absurdities. p. Often sits outside his hut, trying to fish in the pond.

  • I'cara

    Very little is known about I'cara, for they stay in their hut and only venture out at night. p. Jimi and Delialah both tell stories of how they've seen them standing outside, looking in windows.

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