Bolscof is the southern most human town in all of Ornara, most specifically of Currell. This very small town is right along the Wyrii Cliffs. It trails off into small, unassociated farms to the east.

Bolscof was “founded” by a small team of Al’Tern soldiers in 1016, who were ensuring that there was no way further down the continent that the Orcs and Gnolls could invade. Upon reaching the town, they discovered the large statues on both side of the cliff, nearly mirroring the ones at Azmarin. These large statues (one of a Wyrii archer, the other side a Miiarh swordman), unlike the Azmarin ones, do not bridge the cliffs. Despite this, the soldiers decided that Bolscof would be a good outpost to spy on the Orcish camps. They named it, of course, after their captain, Bolscof, who, aside from founding the town, is unremarkable.
The construction of the Bolscof Barracks called many specialists from neighboring villages and Azmarin into town. This construction took many years, and it was a feat to finish the building. To this day, it is falling into disrepair, with two of the top stories having collapsed on one side.
With Azmarin’s growing military presence, most soldiers left Bloscof, but a strong agricultural concentration and the rich, unspoiled earth made it a valuable place to live. By 1230, most military presence was gone, only leaving guards, and those who started families there.
The Langsley Plague, that spread through most of Al’Terio in 1264, did not reach the far village, due to their sustainability, their trade with Azmarin, and the distance from the Langsley Castle. Many of the villagers did hear about the plague, and protested to cut off trade, but this all together failed.
Fighting with the Orcs and Gnolls has led to a slightly stronger military presence again in the village, but the majority of the conflict remained at the border and near Azmarin.

Places of Note

  • Town Hall: 2 Stories, holds the office of Mayor Richland. Town meetings and votes are held here every Zadkat.
  • Artisan House: A general meeting place for the other artisans of the town. The jeweler, the beekeeper, and the bakers are most commonly seen here.
  • Church of Xatoos: Overlooks the cliffside. Simple place of worship. A large griffin statue decorates the bell tower. Scryer Portia holds group prayer every Rielach morning.
  • Blacksmithy: Trev and his young apprentice Jori run the blacksmith. They mostly work for commission from the Barracks.
  • Inn: Delialah’s Wine Den. Run by Delialah and her spouse K’ora. Always bustling with energy. The town’s old bard, Jimi, plays every night, much to many’s annoyance. Despite the name, mead is the mainly served beverage. There are 2 stories, and a cellar.
  • G’rec’s Lodge: More of a hut, owned by the old hunter G’rec. It is buried in the woods, and many don’t journey to see them. On Selaph, they can be seen in town, selling meat and leather. On other days, the butcher, Yuri, goes to them.
  • Shrine to Marr: From before the village was built. A large church building with a rearing horse statue with a spectral rider statue in front. The place of funeral service and burial, performed by Sage Kyesslath.
  • General Store: Managed by Coa, who is very energetic. Most trade comes through here.
  • Carver: Home of the simple half-orc named Carver. He’s stoic and reclusive, but builds great work.
  • Barracks: A four story cobblestone building. First building built in the town. Home to all of the town guards. Has a watchtower. Guards are led by Captain Winthrop.
  • Guard Posts: Simple defensive cobblestone towers with rotating guard watches. Both have alarm horns in case of attack.
  • Fisher Roy’s Hut: Right next to the lake in the center of town. Roy is a very slow Ygrek ex-soldier. His hut doubles as his trading stand.
  • I’cara’s Hut: The town “witch.” They have been here since before the town was built. A sign out front reads: “Expecting no one, except for those we expect.” No one in town knows what that means. Most don’t care.
    Other Buildings:
  • Several huts/houses
  • Windmills
  • Wheat Farms
  • Fruit Gatherer
  • Bee Houses
  • Butchery
  • Tanner
  • Weaving House

People of Note


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