Kihp, for the most part, wants to be left alone. Or, so his presence in the world says. “The ever silent and wise.”

Kihp is the brother of Sardonya, as was found carved on the singular rock that Ygrek, himself, threw at Al-Tero to distract her away from the young girl that she was about to eat. This rock, now embedded on the first step inside The City of the Four Towers, reads: “Brother of Sardonya, Father of Wisdom: Kihp guide us.” This was believed to be the one time that Kihp has personally aided someone of Ornara, and thus makes the Ygrek people feel superior to the Al’Terians.
Any other “acts of Kihp” have not been proven as such.

Emblems and Appearance
Kihp is represented by a simple symbol, that was found carved, almost like a signature, on the rock. This is worn by many scholars, and every university has a floor in their library with it carved in.
Being the “wise god,” he is depicted as an old, wise man, either with a scroll, book, or performing some kind of magic. While he technically isn’t the god of magic, many find him as a patron for it, due to magic’s relation to wisdom and intellect.

Worship of Kihp is done almost solely by students, mages, and scholars. Many also call on him for trivial needs, like trying to improve learning in some skill or trivia nights at the local inn. Kihp, strangely, is recognized by all races, due to all of them having a strange bit of lore revolving around his involvement with their community.


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