The Freelands

The region of Al’Terio, or as it is colloquially know, The Freelands, is located in the center of the continent of Currell. This land is occupied by the Al’Terns, a race of humans, but contains many refugees or settlers of the many other races.

Al’Terio is named after the great dragon Al’Tero that famously fought Ygrek. This battle was said to have killed her. Her scream echoed across the world, catching the ear of a ship full of explorers, who just reached the shores of Al’Terio. Upon these shores, they found a crater, inside of which was an egg. After a few moments, this egg cracked and opened, and inside was a sobbing baby boy. None of the explorers could explain this child, until they remembered the scream. This child, they decided, had been sent to them as a final warning from Al’Tero about Ygrek, and that the child and his children could protect them. This child, King Alrick I, then officially founded the kingdom.
Al’Terns and Ygreks have been on the verge of war for almost five centuries. Many believe this just to be because of old stereotyping from the battle, but there are factors that contribute. Ygrek recently took a colony of what used to be Al’Terio land, which has made current king, Alrick “The Glutton” IX, on the edge of declaring war. This has left King Oswald of Ygrek fumbling to clean up his mother’s mess and avoid war.

The majority of the Freelands are flat. Most of this is used for farmland. There are many rivers and lakes in the center of map, making river travel quite common to get around. The danger with this, is that Hemlock River leads into the warring territory of the Orcs and Gnolls, and the Tarkathi River leads off of the Tarkarthi Cliffs.
Langsley Wood, the large forest the extenuates the border of the Ygrek colony and The Freelands, is ripe with highwaymen. The Langsley castle is buried within the wood, and has been abandoned for fifty years. The village of Korc is in a large clearing in the wood, and has a powerful militia.
Isfaha, the main capital city, is built into and on a large hill on the border of Langsley, spanning to the coast. This city is home to the Noble Court, the Thieves’ Guild, Isfaha University, and the Church of Dragoon.
The Southern Reaches of The Freelands, The Al’Terio Wilds, were under attack from the Orcs and Gnolls, but Alrick, within the past twenty years, has fended them off for the time being. These lands are on a high overlook of the sea. Bolscof, a large village right along the cliff side, stands several hundred feet above the carved head of a statue of an unknown Wyrii archer. On the opposite cliff, the Orc side, a Miiarh statue of the same make, but with a large sword, pointing straight out.
Azmarin is the secondary capital of Al’Terio. This is where the main military force was held for the war with the Orcs and Gnolls. This is mainly a military installation, and serves as the hub for trade for the rest of the Wilds. This city also sits upon a large Wyrii statue, that extends its hand to the other side of the cliff, meeting a Miiarh hand. This site is well defended, and the Azmarin General, Vannessa Benholdt, is fighting with Alrick to destroy the arm.

People of Power
2e61c0024a3b90ec03594f7b740d6da5.jpgKing Alrick IX currently holds the throne. He is a vicious leader, having raged the recent war against the Orcs, and threatening to wage war on both the Ygreks and the Dreamers. However, from his young years as king, he earned the title of “The Glutton” during the Langsley Plague, which spread to most villages, but Isfaha remained fine, and the King reportedly ate in peace.
His policies are not horrible. His father, Kornald, was a tyrant, who didn’t care for the people, and let the Wilds suffer while he threw parties in the castle. What good did come out of his reign was the improvement to Isfaha, and the beautification jobs. Alrick has continued these, which makes the nobles happy, but also restore everything that Kornald has ruined.
His wife, Helena, died in childbirth to his daughter, for unknown complications, since then, his temper has risen, and his trust for people is dwindling quickly. Many servants report that they have seen him and his young daughter fighting in the Drakk Castle walls.
6f50529d3393a35ff25556fb263cc75c.jpgPrincess Tera, daughter of King Alrick IX and Helena Langsley, is the only child of the royal family, and the suspected next ruler of Al’Terio. Many people are excited to hear of this, that she is more trustworthy and has her eye turned more to the people rather than war. She is often seen wandering the city streets of Isfaha, stopping and talking to commoners along the way. The most popular story of her was an encounter between her and a bandit outside of an inn, and she simply punched him in the throat before anything could happen.

Race Relations
d0829f7a6fd4e847430458fc90ff7cde.jpgNote: The Freelands is a place where people go to escape, any races can be found here, these are simply the “what to expect” of the land.

Most common:

  • Al’Terns
  • Dwarves
  • Wyrii
  • Ygreks
  • Dreamers
  • Gnomes
  • Half-Orcs
  • I’eartra
  • Miiarh
  • Zherrans

The Freelands

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